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September 18, 2016 Vancouver Sun

Aftermath, Van Helsing lead Vancouver’s apocalyptic sci-fi charge

Aftermath, Van Helsing lead Vancouver’s apocalyptic sci-fi charge

Starts Sept. 27Space (Canada) and Syfy (U.S.)


Wayne Brady is better known as the quick-witted funny man who lights up TV game shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway and Let’s Make A Deal.

You’d be hard-pressed to think of him as a gun-toting tough guy decked in camo gear ready to take on the end of the world.

Yet that’s exactly what Brady will be doing in forthcoming television series Aftermath, shot in Vancouver this summer.

The show, which premieres on Space in Canada on Sept. 27, stars Anne Heche and real-life husband James Tupper as they fight for survival, along with their three children, in a civilization on the brink of collapse.

“Doing things like this is the actor’s dream,” Brady said in a phone interview. “I’m a big sci-fi and comic nerd. I’ve read comic books my entire life. When it comes to zombie flicks and video games, I’m pretty much a 44-year-old man with a 13-year-old boy trapped inside of him, like a lot of us are.”

Brady will appear as Lamar “Booner” Boone, a former acquaintance of main character Karen Copeland (Heche) who helps the family escape attacks from a yet unrevealed army of creatures (hint: not zombies). In one scene shot on the BCIT campus this summer, Brady was gleefully playing up shooting at and blowing up imaginary baddies, which would later be added to the scene thanks to the magic of CGI.

“To run around with your fake gun, spouting military dialogue and ducking and dodging — that’s just what I used to do in the front yard as a kid,” Brady said.

Brady added his dream gig would be to reprise the role of Dr. Scott Beckett in a Quantum Leap reboot, should there ever be one. (The role catapulted Scott Bakula to fame and earned him a Golden Globe.)

“I’ve lobbied for it,” Brady said. “Quantum Leap is, for my money, the perfect time travel story, yet it’s grounded in science. Those stories were awesome. I’d love to be the next doctor in Quantum Leap or be the next doctor in Doctor Who, that’s the holy grail.”

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